The area in a unique and lovely environment is an invitation to linger and to rest. From a distance of 75 meters high church tower greets St. Jakob and draws attention to the Ennetsee metropolis on the northern shores of Lake of Zug. The intact green belt on the lake with beautiful, freely accessible and beautifully manicured parks and the beach and the boat station let the strolling visitors can find themselves in the holidays.

Just minutes away from the lake greets one of modern village center with modern architecture and buildings that invite relaxation. Today Cham is based on an interesting past of world-wide reputation. The costs incurred in conjunction with agriculture "Milchsüdi" which later became the Nestlé SA and its headquarters is still in Cham, among other things, our village coined at the beginning of the last century sustainable. The architecture in Neudorf testifies to this day.

Green areas and therefore the reference to plaice are another hallmark Chams. Immediately adjacent to the center leaves the lower circle of stately farmhouses as another recreation area forget the everyday life and can be explored by bicycle, horse ride or walk. The lovely hinterland with the idyll Niederwil and the Frauenthal oases of contemplation and reflection.

Want to try this dreamy but still modern spots in central Switzerland? We welcome you in the lively Cham Lake Side!

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